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Do you use mouth guards when participating in certain activities? Do you take proper care of them or does your mouth guard get thrown into your bag with your workout clothes after you’re done? If so, you might be allowing yeast, bacteria or fungi to form on your guard. Cleaning this piece of safety equipment isn’t particularly difficult, and today we’d like to help you learn how.

Just rinsing off your mouth guard with water may not be enough to get it truly clean. Even though it might appear to be clean, germs and bacteria aren’t visible to the naked eye. Our dentist recommends that you rinse it regularly in mild soap and water. Dr. Damien Garcia may also recommend brushing your teeth before and after wearing it.

When you aren’t using it, your mouth guard should be kept in its protective case and with good ventilation until it has dried. Having good airflow can help to stop bacteria from growing and spreading. Your case can also undergo regular cleanings. If your guard gets cracks or pits, it might be time to replace it as those could be perfect places for bacteria to develop.

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