If the thought of going to the dentist makes you anxious or afraid, you are not alone. At Oasis Family Dental, we strive to make the dental appointment an enjoyable experience. We know that when a child or an anxious patient has a bad experience, dental care may be delayed. This can compromise dental health, potentially making the next visit even more stressful. There are also serious health implications when appropriate dental care isn’t rendered. Dr. Damien Garcia and Dr. Lisa Gortari understand that you may be fearful of the dentist, and offer several solutions for you.

Why We Offer Sedation Dentistry

Oasis Family Dental offers sedation dentistry for patients of all ages, and for a whole host of procedures. It is also a viable option for patients who have severe anxiety or who have difficulty controlling their movements, as well as for special-needs patients.

We offer dental anesthesia because we believe that your safety and comfort should not be compromised in order to receive dental treatment. Dental anesthesia allows young, pre-cooperative patients or those who have been traumatized by a bad experience to be treated comfortably.

With the Use of dental anesthesia, dental health is often restored in one visit. It is our goal that, after the initial visit, children and anxious patients can return for exams, cleanings, and small treatments without needing anesthesia.

Customized Sedation Options for Your Comfort

After going over your medical history and talking with you to understand the anxiety you may be experiencing, Dr. Garcia and Dr. Gortari will determine with you exactly what type of anesthesia is best for you. We offer local anesthesia, oral sedation, nitrous oxide, intravenous (IV) sedation, and general anesthesia using IV and inhalation anesthesia. Young children who are pre-cooperative, or patients with special needs who are unable to cooperate often require general anesthesia to complete their dental treatment.

Dr. Gortari completed a 2-year residency dedicated to dental anesthesia, so you know you will receive a safe effective anesthetic. I.V. sedation and General Anesthesia at Oasis Family Dental is administered by Dr. Gortari, the Valley’s ONLY Board-Certified Dentist Anesthesiologist.

Oasis Family Dental is equipped with the very latest monitoring equipment and anesthetic delivery systems. We are the ONLY Level 1 Medical Gas Certified Dental office in the Valley. This means the office was designed and equipped with an anesthesia machine and full monitoring for patient safety.

Here at Oasis Family Dental, Dr. Garcia will be able to complete a treatment in one visit, while Dr. Gortari solely concentrates on monitoring the patient to give them the best dental experience possible.

The safety record of in office anesthesia provided by a dentist anesthesiologist is unsurpassed by any other system of anesthesia delivery.

Comprehensive Care for All Patients

A wide range of patients can be treated in the office without sacrificing the quality of care or traumatizing patient. This treatment is perfect for very young children, patients with special needs, and those who are anxious.

We will take time to address questions and concerns prior to the appointment and do an appropriate workup including consulting with physician regarding any special considerations based on health history.

If you have any questions about sedation dentistry in McAllen, Texas, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Garcia and Dr. Gortari, please call our office today at 956-661-1000. We are committed to helping you receive the treatments you need in comfort.