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Are you involved in sports? If so, an effective sports mouth guard can go a long way in helping protect your smile from injury or tooth loss. Contact sport such as football, boxing, and lacrosse are especially hazardous but even gymnastics and other non-contact activities could result in tooth damage. Our team has covered the basics of mouth guards in this article to provide information on how well they benefit your smile.

Types of Mouth Guards
Perhaps the best option for a sports mouth guard is a custom-made one because our dentist contours it to your smile for optimal fit and protection. You can also choose a stock mouth guard, though it may not fit as well as an appliance designed for you. There are also boil and bite mouth guards, which are shaped to your teeth after being soaked in hot water to be made pliable.

Sports Mouth Guards and Orthodontics
If you wear braces, a mouth guard can prevent oral trauma to orthodontic appliances while playing sports. If you are interested in receiving a custom-fitted mouth guard for your braces, you can speak to Dr. Damien Garcia or your orthodontist.

Mouth Guard Care
It’s important to clean your mouth guard before and after wearing it by rinsing with cold water or mouthwash. Avoid hot temperatures so that the mouth guard doesn’t distort. A toothbrush and mild soap can also provide proper cleaning. Regularly check your mouth guard for wear such as holes or tears and notify Oasis Family Dental if your appliances become loose or uncomfortable to see if it might need to be replaced. Bringing your mouth guard to checkups allows us to examine it regularly.

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