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Many parents experience lots of stress over their child’s first dental visit because they are concerned about coaching their child on what to expect or struggle with dental anxiety of their own. We can help you create a positive dental experience for your child to help them anticipate dental care with excitement. We are pleased to offer the following tips to prepare your child for a positive interaction with pediatric dental care:

First, contact our team to schedule an appointment with appropriate timing so that the dental visit doesn’t cut into nap time that can prevent your child from being well-rested at their visit. Similarly, try to bring older children to the dentist at a time that works best for them.

Second, you can provide a good example for your child in the dental chair by scheduling your own teeth cleaning first so they can see you being calm and cheerful. Children are more likely to behave appropriately and happily with our team if they have been shown how.

Third, your personal dental anxiety should be addressed in advance so that it isn’t transferred to your child subconsciously. We invite you to try calming exercises before or on your way the dentist to help you reduce any stress at the time of the visit.

To help you optimize your child’s dental checkup in McAllen, Texas, we invite you to contact Oasis Family Dental at 956-661-1000 today for further insight on effective tactics from Dr. Damien Garcia or Dr. Lisa Gortari.