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If you have a filling, chances are there will come a time when you must replace it. It’s not that they can’t stick it out for a long time, they just wear down over time like most objects. They can last anywhere from 5 to 20 years depending on what kind of fillings you have and if you take good care of them.

Taking time to eat and drink is vital for you, but it does wear on your fillings, though this is included in the lifespan estimate. Another action that can wear down your smile is grinding and clenching your teeth. This increases the chances of an untimely demise. Also, tooth decay can move in under the fillings, usually if proper care is forgotten.

The question is how can you know if your fillings are wearing out or if tooth decay has slipped in around them? It is actually difficult to recognize these signs yourself but our dentists can spot them and help you with them. Our dentists have the best chance of helping you if you visit them regularly.

Our dentists will typically start with a tool called an explorer. The explorer is used to locate any signs of wearing on the edges of your fillings. It is a harmless and pain-free tool that our experts have handles time and time again.

After that, our dentists may take a few X-rays. If any decay has made it past your fillings, it should show up on the X-rays.

If they see anything problematic, the dentists will determine and recommend which treatment options are best for you. Sometimes the filling can be simply replaced; however, in case there is more decay, a more extensive procedure will be needed to fix your smile.

If you ever have a problem with a filling, call Oasis Family Dental in McAllen, Texas, at 956-661-1000 to set up an appointment. Drs. Garcia and Gortari are well-practiced with and will see to your comfort during the process. Give us a call today!